Sample Labs

Would you like to introduce a girl in your life to STEM?

In addition to the letters available on our Role Models page and articles on Here We Come, here are a few labs to spark her curiosity. We encourage our students to try to explain concepts independently and explore their interests, with the aid of proper supervision and safety protocol.

Please note that all labs were created with aid from numerous sources (email if you want the Works Cited for a particular lab). Don’t forget to utilize proper safety equipment (aprons and splash-proof goggles are always a good idea!). 

NOTE: These labs are view-only Google Docs. We will not grant access to edit documents. Please email us if you have edit suggestions. (

Curiosity Lab Safety

Running a Curiosity Style Program

“Study Smarter” Tips

Advice to High School and College STEMinists

Spotlight Scientists

Magic Balloon Lab

Fizzing Lemonade Lab

Rocket Lab

Elephant Toothpaste Lab

Fireworks in a Glass Lab

Giant Bubble Lab

Ice Cream Lab: Coffee Can Version

Ice Cream Lab: Plastic Bag Version

Flower Acidity Lab

Candle Lab

Sunscreen Lab

Bicolor Daisy Lab

Blubber Lab

Slime Lab

Bath Bomb Lab

Valentine Circuit Lab