Meet our STEM Professionals!

Our role models are a key component of Curiosity. They’re the ones our girls relate to, the reason they come in excitedly saying “hey, I could be like her! She sounds like me!”  We’re eternally grateful for their support and kindness and hope girls in your life can benefit from their contributions as well.

Please note that all the photos and letters below were generously given to us by these incredible women and are not to be used for anything other than personal use without permission. Thank you for your respect and consideration.


Colleagues of Dr. Kayla Iacovino – Christy Till, Rebecca Astbury, Alison Graettinger, Jessica Ball, Janine Krippner, and Jennifer Wade – generously shared their thoughts on this “Women of Volcanology” sheet.


Kayla Iacovino

Kayla Iacovino is an American volcanologist who also loves Star Trek and exploring the world. Additionally, she uses science fiction to increase other people’s interest in science. Read Kayla’s letter here!





Jennifer Laaser

Jennifer Laaser  is an American chemist who studies polymers. She also enjoys dancing, knitting, and riding her bike. Read Jenny’s letter here!





Lynda Caine

Lynda Caine is an American Infection Prevention Officer. She thinks her job is just like the TV show CSI. Read Lynda’s letter here!

Patti Caine also studies infection, as a nurse. She never stops learning! Read Patti’s letter here!




sw_logoThe Ask Shamu Team at SeaWorld shared what it’s like to work in animal care and conservation! These scientists have to be experts in behavior and learn a lot about health and animal care. Read SeaWorld’s letter here and check out the biographies they shared with us!




Rabia Salihu Sa’id

Rabia Salihu Sa’id is a Nigerian Associate Professors of Physics, who is especially interested in atmospheric physics. She studies exciting and important fields like sustainable energy and was honored in BBC’s 100 Women series in 2015. Read Rabia’s letter here!



Susana Lopez

Susana Lopez

Susana López is a Mexican virologist who studies rotaviruses. She is a professor at the National University of Mexico and has received numerous honors including  a L’Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science and recognition in BBC’s 100 Women Series in 2014. Read Susana’s letter in English and Spanish here!


dr bridge

Candice Bridge

Candice Bridge is a forensic scientist who uses science to help solve crimes. She enjoys crocheting, baking and woodworking and formerly worked with the U.S. Army.  Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida. Read Candice’s letter here!






Alyssa Cole

Alyssa Cole is an American doctor currently specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She loves going on adventures with her dog Darcy (Pride and Prejudice, anyone?) and believes creativity fuels success. She also earned scholarship money for medical school by competing for Miss America state pageants. Read Alyssa’s letter here!




Stephanie “Steve” Shirley

Stephanie “Steve” Shirley  is the British founder of the Information Technology Company, Freelance Programmers, created in 1962. Recently, she’s been active in philanthropy and even has her own TED Talk. Read Steve’s letter here!


Kayla Lanigan

Kayla Lanigan

Kayla Lanigan is an Academic Technology Support Analyst who researches educational tools. She also has experience as a nursing assistant for elderly patients, and she owns one dog and one cat. Read Kayla’s letter here!



Bear Douglas


Madeleine “Bear” Douglas works in developer relations for companies that have Application Programming Interfaces. She’s also traveled to more than 15 countries for her job! Read Bear’s letter here!






Charlotte Champigny

Charlotte Champigny is a senior manufacturing engineer who grew up in the Philippines. She’s also the mom to one daughter. Read Charlotte’s letter here!






Michi Whittall

Michi Whittall is an American mining engineer who has worked and studied all over the world! In addition to strong STEM skills, Michi has had to be able to communicate effectively in other languages. Read Michi’s letter here!






Xiaoyun Yang

Xiaoyun Yang is a Electrical and Computer Engineer from China. When she was a child, she loved creative projects and reading. Read Xiaoyun’s letter here!





Nita Patel

Nita Patel uses her engineering expertise to design and build night vision goggles and has also worked on improving weather radar. She also enjoys chess, travelling and naps. Read Nita’s letter here!



Julie Whitmore

Julie Whitmore is a civil engineer who designs roadways, drainage systems and bridge components. She always loved math and science and believes in learning something new every day. Read Julie’s letter here!



Ayse Kalkan-Savoy

Ayse Kalkan-Savoy is a software engineer who has worked on exciting projects like text-to-speech synthesizers. She also enjoys woodcarving and nature and advises girls to have courage and pursue what they don’t understand. Read Ayse’s letter here!




Nitasha Syed

Nitasha Syed is an engineer who is creating an app to help people live healthy lives. Additionally, she is the host of the Women of STEM page and enjoys dancing, travel, and hanging out with friends. Read Nitasha’s letter here!



Lisa C. Klein

Lisa C. Klein is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. She teaches courses on nanomaterials, does research on sol-gel processing, and participates in many programs that encourage women to choose careers in STEM. Read Lisa’s letter here!




Maria Catarina Bramati

Maria Caterina Bramati

Maria Caterina Bramati is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Sapienza University of Rome. She uses statistics to solve big problems like climate change and has been interested in math since elementary school. Read Maria’s letter here!